Her Stories: Ending Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment of Women Health Workers

Women in Global Health (WGH)


This policy report by Women in Global Health, is the culmination of their #HealthToo research project and online platform. It reveals the widespread problem of sexual violence and harassment experienced by women health workers.

In the absence of comprehensive data on Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment (SEAH) in health, the report uses the testimony of women as data to bring the reality and nature of the problem to life, as well as the conditions that enable it. The report analyzes women’s stories from 40 countries, in ten languages, and collected accounts through literature and partners from many other countries to contribute to the knowledge base on SEAH in health. This report details the experiences of women, in their own words, and sets out recommendations for bringing an end to SEAH in global health.

Published on December 2022