Basics of gender made simple – An exploration of concepts, terms, and myths

Oxford Policy Management (OPM)


Oxford Policy Management (OPM) collaborated with Bihar TSU to facilitate a gender training workshop for Bihar TSU’s State and District team. This document has emerged from the discussions conducted during the workshop. The purpose of the workshop was to support the Bihar TSU team to apply a gender lens to their ongoing work and foster a more intentional approach towards gender programming. The workshop focused on demystifying concepts associated with gender and clarifying what gender really means. This document presents some of the fundamental concepts and myths associated with gender. Its key purpose is to serve as a primer to reinforce the understanding and messages conveyed in the workshop and be available for the participants as a refresher note. 

Programme Details: OPM collaborated with Bihar TSU to facilitate this gender training workshop under its programme ‘Adaptive Learning For Gender Responsive Health Systems’. This programme is supported by a  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) grant. The key purpose of this project is to provide robust learning exchange opportunities and need-based technical support to the foundation and its Technical Support Unit (TSU) partners in their gender-intentional programming efforts in UP and Bihar.